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The use of the word "what about" has been growing in popularity by Autocrats, Fascists, and Zionists as a way of avoiding accountability for their core failures of human rights and freedom-associated issues. As a result, the use of the term has become a subtle but potent technique of blaming the victim.
What about the Holocaust?
Are people not aware that there was a time when the world was not a global village, but rather a small village where everyone knew each other well and agreed to the same ideals? Then, we were all introduced to a global village (The Internet) where everyone was a stranger, and the meaning of the word "I" changed.
What about the Holocaust?
One of the most frustrating things about the current state of affairs in the world is that leaders around the world do not seem to care and lying has become a virtue to them. Which is crippling our ability to fight back against the tide of autocratic and dictatorial forces that are growing stronger in the world.
What about the Holocaust?
When an autocrat implies "What about the people who died? Does he really care about them? Or is it that the implication is always "What about them since they are not in the autocrat's immediate circle of influence?"
What about the Holocaust?
Has it not become clear to us by now, that it is used as a rhetorical strategy, in order to distract people to ignore actual events and instead focus on a perceived double standard?
A political system that is not accountable to the people and is not accountable to the law of the country, is a tyrannical system. A tyrannical system is a political system that is not accountable for its actions and commits itself to a dictatorship led by one leader, a super dictator, or a group of leaders.
What about the Holocaust?
Our world is full of autocrats and would-be autocrats. They have become a serious threat to our liberties and freedoms in the modern world. And the reason why autocrats are a threat to our liberties and freedoms is that they use the media and the law to control the masses with their false slogans and falsehoods.
What about the Holocaust?
In a world where any bit of information can be repackaged and published on the internet, and where the truth is more often than not replaced by false information, it can be hard to separate the real from the fake. However, there are some outlets that are almost only dedicated to the truth, and more often than not, they do not hold back in reporting on events that are either sensitive or controversial.
What about the Holocaust?
In school, we were taught that the most effective way to teach a dog a new command is by using the "reward-based" method. By giving the dog a treat for a new trick, the dog learns to repeat the command word quickly, even if the dog learns the word without the treat.

Oh Boy! What have we come to be!?

Yes, what about the Holocaust?
But what about Bosnia?
What about Darfur?
What about Cambodia?
What about the Rohingya?
What about the Uyghurs?
What about Rwanda?
What about Palestine?
What about Nicaragua?
What about Armenia?
What about other people or places that have faced terror, destruction and elimination ?

What about us?