The New Economy-What after Capitalism?

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The New Economy-What after Capitalism?

Reaching the extreme in Capitalism

Capitalism has had its time and place. We can leverage most of the failings and turn them into valuable solutions that will help shape the economy going forward with a transition that is systematically adopted. Take the best of what is being offered and bring it into the application. Then, we can begin to build into the future what we want for our children.
Today's capitalism is driven by a system that values profit above all else. We are taught to think of the capitalist system as a positive thing, to set our goals and aspirations, and work hard to attain them. But what if we could transform capitalism into something better? What if we could use capitalism to serve the necessities of the human race, rather than utilizing it to serve the desires of the human rich?
The economy has forever been a controversial topic. Most people believe that free markets and capitalism are the best way to manage an economy, but many others believe that it's the fault of the free market that prompts many economic problems.
There are so many things that could be accomplished that are not being done to solve the economic issues society is facing, and we need to think creatively.
As the world continues to crumble at the feet of the capitalist system, the question of what comes next is now at the forefront of social and technological discussion, one should think so.
One answer, that can be seen all around us, is that in the face of capitalism's demise, we must start acting sooner.

The New Economy

The economy was constructed and developed by humans, and as such, humans have the ability to change its course again. The current economic system is so built and designed that it is impossible for it to be changed. The current economy is designed in a way that it is impossible for it to be disrupted or altered in any way.
BUT…… To start the chance given to us in this #Reset (Pandemic) of this current time, our core fundamentals need to change for a start. We need to leverage this with
1. The failures that have come out of capitalism
2. Digital Transformation Framework
3. Acting sooner than later
4. Creating a community need first approach.
This may primarily occur through the closing of the Technology gaps for these community needs, acting as hubs shared globally.  A 1234 guideline to be steered in satisfying the Educational needs- The transformation and Innovation in Education, The Environment, Health, Agriculture, The Workforce, Energy and Water, Society, Culture, etc...

The Change That is needed

The economy is more than a number on a sheet of paper. The economy is how we understand and interact with the world around us. It is how we make a living, save for the future, pay our bills, and eat. It is how we spend our money, invest our money, and spend our time. We talk about the economy, but we may don’t always fundamentally understand it.
We need to ask ourselves what exactly our economic system is, and what it is not. The possibilities are wide and diverse—from socialism, to communism, to capitalism, to fascism—and it's possible that the future will incorporate something that is not even on the table yet. We can't predict what form the future of money will take, but we can discuss some of the complications that can arise in any monetary system.
We need to decide if we want a system that encourages business to sell more for more, or a system that rewards the creation of wealth. The former is based on the principle of scarcity, which means that the more scarce something is, the more valuable it becomes. The latter is based on the principle of abundance.

1. What is real?

2. What is not real?

3. Discovering the reality is not enough.

4. Finding the true reality that surrounds us.

5. Building the new reality to be real that we can all partake in.