Acceleration of Digital Transformation: Why Not Now?

Digital Transformation
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Digital Transformation: Why Not Now?

Businesses looking to the future must ask one key question: "What did we really learn from the past?"

What is Digital Transformation?

Let us start by understanding more about Digital Transformation.

In simple terms, Digital transformation is a term that describes a process of transforming business operations into more digital ones. Although there is no single definition of digital transformation, most agree that it’s a combination of technologies, processes and business models to keep pace with digital times. The importance of continuous innovation in business processes will only continue to increase as more and more business activities move to the digital space. It is increasingly recognized that becoming a digital-first business is crucial for success for both large and small companies.
Additionally, it's also true that digital transformation is transforming society and people's behaviour far beyond business. We sometimes mistakenly think of digital transformation as only a trend.

How Successful Will Your Digital Transformation Be? That's Up To You.

This involves transforming your company using technology to disrupt processes, people, and data in order to create value for your clients. The best approach is to set clear goals and set a plan on how you are going to accomplish those goals. A good strategy is to follow through with it and to plan onward. A company needs to evolve to remain competitive in the marketplace. If you are not evolving, you will fall behind.

How is digital transformation changing the world?

It is a term that gets thrown around a lot in business, so should you care? Well, with the rapid rise of digital technologies like artificial intelligence, the Cloud, and more, it’s almost a guarantee that your business will need to transform to keep up with today’s digital demands. But what does it mean to “transition” from one thing to another? Here is where Agencies like Social FooL, can help you through all stages in your business framework providing Digital Transformation strategies, Business Process Automation, Ideation, No-code tools and Digital Marketing strategies resulting in a successful transformation.
The current Crisis is helping us to rebuild a world better than we know it. It is helping us to establish new kinds of economies. It allows us to rebuild a world better than what we know.

How will the future economy be fashioned?

If you look at the global economy today and compare it to what we had just a couple of decades ago, you'd be hard-pressed to find one piece that has remained the same. Information is now free. Corporations control less. Businesses are more global. And technology is revolutionizing the nature of work. This has all happened within the span of our lifetimes, and as we all now know, the pace of change is only accelerating.

What drives digital transformation?

There are key various drivers of Digital Transformation; they include; Decreasing costs: with the help of Digital Transformation, you can reduce costs by automating business processes, using Digital media, and outsourcing.
It influences all of the factors above, and all of them are intertwined. In the links at the end of this article, you can discover more about how Digital Transformation is impacted by these drivers.
The main driver is the individual(You), the one true source of all change. Digital Transformation platforms will need to be adapted economically and politically, ethically, and socially since they will require the adoption of new technologies and new principles and ways of living.
Social FooL’s website seeks to provide you with articles that explain how you are the driver of the transformation needed to adopt Digital strategies that can provide access to the less-incomed of society, therefore eliminating large class gaps in the future economy.

The role of the individuals?

The Global economy has been shifting around for the past decade. People power has been on the rise, and the "big guys" are finding it harder to maintain an advantage. It's not all doom and gloom, though. There is a bright side to the current economic climate. The Internet has not only allowed small business owners more control over their own destinies but has also given consumers more control over the economy as a whole.
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