Ecommerce Store Tactics, Conversions and Optimization

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Ecommerce Store Tactics

Ecommerce Tactics:
Abbondont Carts
Ecommerce Advanced Segmentation
Customer Experience cycle
Products Performance
A/B Testing of Tactics used to determine better future approach
Satisfaction Surveys on site or on exit
Dropshipping Analysis
Finding Product Niches around major Ecommerce stores

Optimize your customer journey with data-driven decisions.

A/B Testing

Test different ideas on how your visitors interact with your site (design, calls-to-action, text) and stick with what works best.
Track as many goals as you wish, by calling a single line of code
Split URL Testing
Total flexibility through code: HTML, CSS, Javascript (vanilla and jQuery)
Experiment Analytics

Web Personalization

Test different ideas on how your visitors interact with your site (design, calls-to-action, text) while at the same time including real-time dynamic variables.
On Page Variables
(cart total value, current logged-in users data, product name, anything on the current page)
Custom Attributes
(visitor’s name, total number of purchases, lifetime value, gender etc.)
Real Time Data of Your Customers
(weather, geolocation, OS type, browser type, language)
Experiment Analytics
(conversion rate, revenue per visitor, engagement, chance to win, bounce rate)

More than 100 overlay templates ready to use and customize

Using exit intent pop-ups you can target the visitors that would have been lost otherwise. This means that every time a visitor is about to leave your website without taking any of the actions you wanted them to do – sign-up for a newsletter, purchase a product, download a resource etc., with an on-exit pop-up you get a second chance to get their attention.

40+ different segmentation criteria

Empowers you to know your visitors in detail, You have 40+ parameters to build actionable insights about them. Exactly what you need to serve them what they want, and for you to redefine profitability.