Email Marketing Campaigns- Targeted campaign every 3 months

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Email Marketing
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Email Marketing Campaigns

1 customized targeted campaign every 3 months (2000 emails per month)
Campaign Objectives
Email Validation
Campaign Analysis
Digital tool used mailmodo

Use cases

Generate Leads

Nurture your leads & sales funnel with Mailmodo
Kick off your relationships with clients by sending lively AMP emails
Lead Engagement
Send AMP engagement emails to your leads for higher sales
Lead Nurturing
Engage your prospects with AMP emails to fast track their conversions
Warm up cold leads with AMP Emails and nurture them for closure
Include calendars in email for bookings, appointments and to send invites
Cold Outreach
Get higher response rates for cold outreach with our improved deliverability

5XHigher Lead Generation

Conduct Surveys

Collect data with powerful AMP Forms in emails
Uncover loyalty-driving factors to make better growth decisions
Send AMP engagement emails to your leads for higher sales
Product Review
Improve your product with higher number of reviews & concept testing
Market Research
Perform in-depth market research with powerful multi-step forms
HR Survey
Simplify HR surveys & job satisfaction interviews with AMP emails
Opinion Polls
Poll using AMP elements in email for improved & more responses

75%Increase in response rate

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Boost Sales

Use dynamic AMP elements for e-commerce
Ecommerce Sales
Create carts and accept payments within email to maximize sales
Cart Recovery
Improve the recovery rate of abandoned carts with engaging AMP emails
Promotional Offers
Spice up your promotions & offers with AMP emails to meet your sales targets
Transactional Emails
Auto-trigger AMP emails by events and user-behaviour to enhance user experience

80%Increase in Cart Recovery

Engage Better

Improve engagement with AMP
Revamp your newsletters with AMP content for smoother reading
Seasonal Campaigns
Add extra warmth to your greetings, bulletins & seasonal offers
Leverage Mailmodo to calculate premiums, SIP, etc. within emails
Product Release
AMPlify the impact of announcements & press releases with Mailmodo